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Building new products, services, and experiences that have positive impact for the end user



Hi, I'm Adam.  I am a hybrid designer and strategist dedicated to a human-centered approach with eight years of experience helping senior leaders and organizations create and capture value. I'm particularly passionate about using design as a tool to build solutions that are deeply relevant to the end user and inspire positive change. 

Making ideas tangible
I started my career in a small industrial design studio sketching and 3D modeling concept directions for a range of products from ceramic tableware to headphones and Bluetooth speakers. My curiosity to understand how products fit into the larger context of the business led me to Fahrenheit 212 in New York where I was part in a multi-disciplinary team that married business rigor with consumer insight.  At Fahrenheit 212, I developed and brought to life new products, brands, and services across all relevant touch points, be it print, packaging, digital, 3D models, and customer experiences. This period in my career I expanded my toolkit and skill sets to make ideas tangible as a way to inspire the future.

  Concept ideation at Fahrenheit 212

Concept ideation at Fahrenheit 212

Fostering innovation
From Fahrenheit 212 I joined Doblin Group in London, a part of Deloitte Consulting where I discovered the full potential of design as a powerful tool for innovation. As Doblin’s first hire after the Deloitte acquisition and the 3rd team member in London, I was brought in to help grow a multidisciplinary practice of researchers, designers, and strategists to expand the firm’s global footprint across EMEA. I contributed to the growth and development of the practice by establishing business development collaborations inside Deloitte’s c-suite network, provided thought leadership as well as innovation training to colleagues, and led various operational and recruitment functions as the team grew from 3 to 15.

  Senior leadership synthesis working session in Shenzhen, China

Senior leadership synthesis working session in Shenzhen, China

Applying design to solve human problems
As Design Lead at Doblin, I led project and client teams through a human-centered design approach by moving from insight and opportunity to the development and implementation of viable new businesses that met real consumer needs. My work was fueled by the requirement to move from deep customer insight to prototyping and storytelling—iteratively testing and refining concepts to ensure feasibility, viability, and desirability. During my time at Doblin, I had the pleasure to be part of project teams that built a virtual bank for people at the base of the pyramid in Sub-Saharan Africa, helped an agriculture business in India support rural farmers, built a secondhand stroller business for millennial mums, and helped a CEO and his 35 senior executives of a global financial services firm develop the collective capabilities to lead through the digital age.

 Design research in Rajasthan, India

Design research in Rajasthan, India

My project work has led me all over the globe to the US, Europe, India, China, and Africa. These experiences have played a significant role in expanding my worldview and embedded a deep empathy,  which serves as the foundation for meeting human needs and is the basis for designing solutions that are relevant to the end user. As a designer, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to create solutions that improve people’s lives, helping them realize their hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

The video above about design research in Sub-Saharan Africa was produced while I was at Doblin in 2016. 

Integrating design & agile
After moving back stateside to New York, I joined the high growth mattress start-up Casper, to instill a human centered design capability across Digital, Environment, and Creative teams—helping the business grow the core, unlock new categories, and reinvent sleep. As the first Design Strategist in the New York office, I led the development of a range of digital, omnichannel, and experience propositions by moving from insight to implementation at a blazingly fast speed by deploying "design thinking" and "agile" methodologies across the business. 

Leading by design
Throughout my career, I have found additional outlets to push the boundaries of design. I was the President of the New York Chapter of IDSA and helped put the previously stagnant chapter back on the map through engaging events and inspiring content. I've also participated in numerous speaking engagements and panel events in London and New York. 

  2016 Product Design & Innovation Conference panel discussion in London

2016 Product Design & Innovation Conference panel discussion in London

my journey

Design Lead
McKinsey & Company

Design Strategy, Experience & Digital

Innovation & Design Strategy Lead

Senior Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Monitor Deloitte

Senior Designer
Fahrenheit 212

New York Chapter President
Industrial Designers Society of America

Freelance Designer
Freelance design for various design studios, not-for-profits, and educational institutions 



  • Proposition development
  • Concept ideation & generation
  • Concept prototyping & testing
  • Business model generation
  • Qualitative and quantitative design research
  • Service design
  • Design thinking & agile development
  • Interaction & visual design skill sets
  • Model & information design
  • Participatory & workshop design 
  • Organizational ethnography
  • Competitive analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Strategy planning & product road-mapping
  • Brand development
  • Team development & leadership
  • Organizational design
  • Leadership coaching


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